Extended Warranty Checklist For Used Cars

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‘How to extend used cars warranty in India’ is a very common question in the mind of car owners. Some car dealers usually offer an extended warranty for used cars as the standard manufacturer’s warranty has already passed by then (in most cases). In such cases, you have to pay something extra to get this warranty. The legal document for this is 10 to 20 pages long, and thus ignored by a lot. This is where you prepare a path for your loss. It is recommended to read that document completely so that you don’t face any issue while buying an extended car warranty. So, here is a set of car tips to avoid any hassle:

Extended car warranty
Extended car warranty
  1. Warranty Provider

  1. Who is providing you the extended warranty?

  2. Is it some well-known dealer? Manufacturer or Insurance Company?

Always, save the contact number and some legal proof of the warranty provider. It can come handy when you least expect it.

  1. Type of car and usage

  1. What is the condition of the used car?

Is it less used or more used? Less used car may not require a warranty, and it could be a wrong deal to not buy a warranty for a much used car.

  1. Do some other dealer or manufacturers' warranty apply? If yes, then you may also consider not buying an extended warranty.

  2. For what purpose is the car used – Commercial or personal? There are some extended warranties that don’t apply to commercial usage. Make sure to read the policy document very carefully while buying the used car in India.

  1. Period of warranty

  1. When does the warranty period start? Just after the purchase or after the expiry of manufacturer’s warranty? There is no use of having two warranties for a vehicle at the same time.

  1. Terms and Conditions

  1. Are there any special requirements for the warranty to apply? These requirements may be regular servicing of the vehicle or maximum limit of distance travelled by the vehicle in a fixed period.

  2. What does the warranty cover?

This car tip is seldom ignored. Don’t make this mistake, and go through the policy and note down the things that are included.

  1. Any exclusion or restriction?

People usually don’t pay attention to this note. This may very well make your policy a total waste of money.

  1. Is the policy transferrable? Can you cancel it before its expiry date?

This may come to use when you decide to switch your policy or transfer it to another vehicle.

  1. General

  1. Cost for the extended warranty

  2. Do you really need the warranty?

If you don’t plan to keep the vehicle for long time, then you don’t need an extended warranty. These tips for buying used cars in India should help the buyers be on the safer side, and enjoy their ride.

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