Alloy Vs Steel Wheels: Whats The Best For You?

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Alloy wheels vs steel wheels: which one is better for cars in India? Both categories have their own pros and cons as per driving style. But in a general sense if you are looking for both performance and beauty than alloy wheels are your thing. Those looking for ugly workhouses that are inexpensive but tough need to go for steel. There much more than this when we compare the difference between alloy wheels and steel wheel, the following autoguide looks at rest of points in detail.

Alloy vs steel wheels
Alloy vs steel wheels

Alloy Wheels:

Alloy wheels have raised the standard of offerings in wheels section.  Almost all top and mid-level versions of new cars in India are being bestowed with sets of alloy wheels. Unlike steel ones, these can be casted and molded into several designs. These can give special look to each car and offer a new personalizing option to owners.

These alloys are made from blend of nickel and aluminum which makes them agile and lighter than steel. Therefore, alloy wheels are known for their special role in enhancing performance and acceleration of new cars. A vehicle bestowed with alloy wheels are easier to drive and fun to ride around the town.

 On the flip side, alloys have a lower melting point, therefore, bend much more easily under impact of roads and have a greater tendency of cracking and breaking down. The degree of an alloy wheel is brittleness is determined by amount of nickel added in it which also adds weight in it. Higher the amount of nickel in it heavier will be its weight. So construction of this wheel is bit tricky and its composition might vary from maker to maker as per their priority.

Steel Wheels:

The weight of a wheel, tyre, rotors, and brakes is together known as “unsprung weight” as it cannot be carried by suspension springs. Unsprung weight is known for having high impact over a car’s ability to handle equal amount of weight over springs. Steel wheels are generally heavier than aluminum, so those who drive a car with steel wheels after driving on alloy wheels might find the difference a bit difference. It will add extra weight to it and dampen its agility, acceleration, and brings down its center of gravity. It can be uncomfortable to drive with steel wheels in summers but in winters, steel can be a better option as compared to alloy wheels.

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