Tesla Model S – A Top Class Battery Electric Car

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Americans are considered pioneers in all fields of the world, be it education, automobiles, environment, technology and even war profiteering. Companies from United States of America (USA) are known for their benchmark setting prowess, especially the ones manufacturing automobiles. Tesla is one such company that could be considered as a stalwart in taking the concept of a battery electric car forward. For instance, the Tesla Model S is superb sedan car that is high on style, class, performance and fuel efficiency. Many experts, in the past, have given a Tesla Model S electric car review, speaking about its appearance, engine and Tesla Model S price.

Tesla model s
Tesla model s

Although a sedan car is primarily meant to be stylish, Tesla Model S, in particular, takes the appearance quotient to another level. Boasting of a beautifully sculpted body similar to that of an athlete, this battery electric car, according to the firm’s Chief Designer, “epitomizes efficiency, embodying the grace and performance of a world-class athlete. Its sculpted form expresses a constant state of speed and motion." A detailed Tesla Model S electric car review would talk about its appearance, environment friendly factor, technology, performance and cost effectiveness. 

Tesla Model S has a rigid aluminium body structure that has been designed using expertly crafted extrusions, stampings and castings for lending this car supreme solidity, endurance and agility. Other than these advantages, the safety highlights of this Tesla electric car from Model series are airbags, rigid occupant cell and zero emissions. The USP of this sedan car is its highly advanced powertrain that delivers an exhilarating performance. This battery electric car from Tesla can reach 60 mph from scratch in just 4.2 seconds, produces a maximum power of 410 BHP and can reach a top speed of 130 mph.

The environment aspect of this car is amazing and it completely justifies Tesla Model S price, which is quite decent. For a sedan car to be this complete, be it in terms of looks, engine or fuel efficiency, customers cannot possibly ask for more. There might be a lot of cars in the market that run on a battery but this model outdoes most of them and that too on all accounts. To put things in a nutshell, the Model S from Tesla is a sedan that most cars would want to be and maximum customers would buy without batting an eyelid.  

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