Lexus CT 200h

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Lexus CT 200h has come a long way as a key product of the Toyota luxury cars clan. It is widely popular as the smallest and the most affordable car introduced by the brand. It can truly be said the face of Lexus cars in India.

Lexus ct 200h
Lexus ct 200h

It is a hybrid of its previous generations. Typically functioning as a petro-electric car, it has an entirely new system of using unconventional ways of fueling a car. It sets it right in the list of environment friendly green cars. The Lexus cars in India enjoy a fair status of popularity, but with Lexus CT 200h, brand Toyota is trying to capture the attention of young enthusiasts who have not yet considered getting their hands on this fun car. It has an elevated luxury standard which is greater than the earlier launched Prius model.

This compact car is loaded with desirable features that are an addition and improvement on the previously available models. The interiors are well defined and are decently spacious. There is enough leg room for the driver and comfortable seating for other passengers. The headroom is also acceptable and does not usually pose any sort of difficulty. The dash board is unique and is adorned by modernly designed knobs, switches and compartments. Bluetooth, hands free pairing, satellite radio and iPod slot are some from the long list of features available in this car. The gear box is also a distinct feature and adds to the beauty of the interiors. These interiors instantly catch your attention and assure you of it being a suitable luxury car for you.

The car is also a low floor car and is approximately 6 inches shorter than the Prius version. The exterior is equally captivating. The rear and front reflect creative modern style which differentiates it from any of its contemporaries and make it a choice of the ones with refined choices. With a perfect chrome finish and glossy window glasses, it gives tough competition to other overly priced cars. A shark fin aerial antenna is also a peculiar yet fascinating feature of this epitome of class and adventure both.

Lexus CT 200h boasts of high end technology that works both on engine and electric motor. While working on the combined engine, it makes the promise of delivering close to 29.29 km/l which may sound quite unreal for once. This places it among the most fuel efficient cars in India.  

With the kind of pricing it presents, it should be definitely a yes for those of you seeking a budget luxury car from the available options of Lexus cars in India.

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