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The driving style of an individual is the first and foremost factor, which can determine the future efficiency and performance of any car. Although the Indian automotive industry accounts for several fuel-efficient cars, their mileage figures do not remain the same during the entire life. The high mileage cars can undergo steep fall in the fuel economy figures if proper measures are not considered by the owner. There are several money saving car driving tips, which can be applied by almost all the vehicle owners in their driving style. These tips and tricks may result in energy efficient driving and people would be spared from spending huge bucks from their pockets on the maintenance of vehicle. Following are the eco-driving tips, which certainly benefit the vehicle as well as the owner:

Eco driving and money saving tips
Eco driving and money saving tips
  1. Keeping a check under the bonnet of the car is among the most important eco-driving tips. To maintain the mileage cars onto their high fuel economy figures, the brake and engine oil should be replaced in interludes to ensure that the vehicle is running smoothly.
  2. The fuel-efficient cars are advised to be taken on regular service check-ups so as to make sure that all the problems persisting in them are being dealt by expert mechanics.
  3. For energy efficient driving, it is always recommended to be gentle on the acceleration and gear-shift of the car. Pressing the throttle for no reason may lead to damage of engine and wastage of fuel.
  1. One of the most important money saving car driving tips is to keep a check on the tyre pressure and any extra load inside the vehicle should be removed immediately. Extra weight may result in the decrease of fuel-efficiency in mileage cars.
  1. One of the most essential eco-driving tips is to never leave the car on idling. Vehicle idling means when the car is at a stoppage or signal, its engine and other electronic parts are still running. If the stoppage is of a long duration, it is advised to adapt an energy efficient driving style and turn off the engine completely.
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