Honda Accord Hybrid

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Honda cars in India have gained popularity due to their impeccable performance as well as stylish looks. Especially, the sedans of this brand have been clear winners in their respective segments. One of the best Honda cars in India is the Accord, which is a sedan. Hybrid cars are a new concept and slowly the Indian population is coming abreast with such cars. There is a certain hype about fuel efficient cars in India and such cars the ones that get noticed first. Not only this, green cars in India are also gaining popularity as they cause much less pollution. Honda Accord Hybrid is one such car that might be the next big thing and capable of outrunning the rivals over the short period of time.

Honda accord hybrid
Honda accord hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid comes loaded with a plethora of features and specifications, which have set it way ahead of its closest competitors. It is powered by a 1993 cc I-4 engine which is capable of generating 141 horsepower at 6200 rpm. The torque generated by the machine is 165 Nm at a reduced 3500 to 6000 rpm. Power reaches the wheels with the help of Electronic-Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT). The total system horsepower for Honda Accord Hybrid is nearly 196 horsepower, which makes sure that the car is never short of fire when it requires so. Honda car dealers in India are eager to bring this model in their showrooms following the high demand for this variant. The car has a fuel tank capacity of almost 60 litres, which is quite a standard for hybrid cars.

The car is provided in abundance with all standard features like Front-wheel Drive (FWD), ABS and driveline traction control, electronic stability and front vented disc brakes to name a few. Apart from these, some state-of-the-art features like four-wheel disc brakes and independent multi-link rear suspension. All these features have made the new Honda City a wonderful sedan. Honda cars in India have always been a popular bunch among car lovers. Adding this model to the list of their hybrid cars, Honda seems to take them to the next level soon.

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