BMWs Plug In Hybrids: The future Of Auto Industry

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Most leading car brands of today are resorting to manufacture eco-friendly cars whose demand is increasing rapidly with every passing day. Electric cars and hybrids have lower carbon emission and have lower maintenance cost which makes them all the more lucrative to modern buyers.

BMW i8- plug in hybrid
BMW i8- plug in hybrid

Off late none other than BMW has entered the market and hybrid cars in India are sure to become even more popular with a brand name like BMW associated with the same. BMW has lately launched BMW 530d LE and also a long-wheelbase 5-Series sedan with a plug-in hybrid power train, in its latest set of hybrid cars. The plug in hybrid vehicles is distinguished by a power train which is installed easily. This eDrive is BMWs power train, with a powerful electric motor, which is supplied by a variable sized battery. It also has a gasoline tank, which can be refuelled like a conventional car along with the plug-in that’s required to replenish the battery.

The main reason why these BMW cars in India can attain popularity is because the plugin-hybrid techs are highly effective. This is further caused by the fact they can function, both like electric cars or fuel cars depending on the need of the situation. The miles range and the charging time are such that one can drive for long distances during the day and then charge the car all through the night. In fact even if the battery dies out then also the highly efficient turbo charged engines, return a considerable gas mileage which makes these BMW hybrids very handy even when there is no battery charge. One subsequent improvement over conventional models is the existence of both the motor and the gasoline engine which amalgamate to provide the maximum power.

Those who plan to buy hybrid cars in India will be overjoyed to hear that BMW plans to introduce plugin-hybrids in all its model lines, since these cars not only reduce carbon emissions but also boasts off high class performance and cost effectiveness.

In fact sales of BMW cars in India were further accentuated by Sachin Tendulkar unveiling the i8 plug-in hybrid for the Indian market, with a 1.5-litre three-cylinder twin scroll turbo engine, and a high mileage of about 39.9 kmpl. This car expected to be priced at 1.5 crores to 2.2 crores, boasts plush interiors and an early 1990s style exterior with a futuristic looking rear side which gives it a unique look. This car is definitely a first in terms of the Indian market and with its lack of competition it’s bound to have good sales.   

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