Bajaj RE 60

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Bajaj re 60 is an initiative from Bajaj Auto to offer Indians with an inexpensive rear engine, 4-passenger quadricycle. It was first unveiled at 2012 Auto Expo, Delhi. Bajaj Auto which is a well known player in auto-rickshaw and two-wheeler manufacturing stepped into car manufacturing with this new project.  It is also said to be one of the most fuel efficient cars in India.

Bajaj re 60
Bajaj re 60

The Bajaj re 60 can be widely used in cities and towns and is known for Quadricycle design. It is said to be the fuel efficient cars in India as it gives 35 kmpl mileage among all Bajaj cars In India. It weighs around 450 kg and its structure is hybrid with Metal-polymer. It is with 3.5 meters turning circle radius. 1+3 will be the seating capacity.

The engine of Bajaj re 60 is water-cooled, DTSi. Its engine has the top speed of about 70 kmph and it keeps on the top in the list of Bajaj cars in India. Its overall width is around 1310 mm and height is around 1650 mm.

Length of it is around 2750 and is assured to be the best fuel efficient cars in India.

It emissions only 100 gm of CO2 per km and is called as one of the most ecofriendly cars in India. Once you look and get in to it, you will not complain about anything about the car. It is completely a 4 wheeler with very low price. The price of Bajaj re 60 is very competitive among the other ecofriendly cars. It costs you around only 1.1Lakh.  Console of the speedometer will be at the center and in the dashboard; it is integrated with the digital fare meter. They are two seats in the front and two at rear in Bajaj re 60.

It is going to be the most fuel efficient cars in India on Indian roads. It is also boasting to be a safe, convenient and the company has designed and priced Bajaj re 60 to give direct competition to Tata Nano. Indian public is hoping for many other versions of Bajaj cars in India soon.

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