Tarzan – The Wonder Car Featured Modified Toyota MR2

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On watching the movie Tarzan – The Wonder Car, in the year 2004, we all desired a car like that. With extreme gadgets and great speed the car became an instant hit. Many of us were craving for a car like this and it was Toyota cars that made a dream come true for many. Tarzan – The Wonder Car was based on the Toyota MR2 and it was the 1991 model. The car, with its loaded features and power, was perhaps one of the best sports cars in its range. There were three generations of MR2 produced from 1984 to July 2007.

Tarzan – The wonder car featured modified toyota mr2
Tarzan – The wonder car featured modified toyota mr2

This 1991 Toyota MR2 model was made into Tarzan – The Wonder Car by DC Design which was initially re modelled and showcased at New Delhi’s Auto Expo. This expo was organised by DC Design in order to showcase their remodelled cars. MR2 was again re-modelled for the movie.

This re-designed MR2 was better in design, power and fines compared to the actual MR2 car of 1991 model. With the look resembling both the Ferrari 355 and the Ferrari 348, this car was often called the Ferrari of the poor man. This dual door convertible sports car with a rounded design was liked by the customers more than the initial model. This old Toyota MR2 model’s engine was not that powerful as compared to the high end sports car of the time. However the re modelled Tarzan – the Wonder Car was astonishingly stunning with powerful engine and superior design. The car was beautifully overhauled that it became quite impossible to recognise the original model.

The old MR2 car had gone to different degrees of changes and came out as a new generation Toyota MR2 which is also known as Toyota MR Spyder. Initial Toyota MR 2 was modified in its suspension; revised the suspension at the front, increased the size of the brake, the transmission was also modified and then later models had minor changes in the model. However a plethora of changes was made during the third generation of the car. The new modified Toyota MR2 was a product of the ‘Toyota Project Genesis’, which was meant to re-enter the automobile industry with the modified MR2 car. This was mainly done to make the car more suited for the young generation. 

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