Sushmita Sen And Her Lexus SUV

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If you are a car lover, then you can understand the love that people carry for Lexus cars in India. From businessmen to Bollywood celebs, from sportsmen to working people, you can find a lot of well-known names who prefer to ride Lexus SUVs. The main reason of the limitless love that people show for Lexus SUV is nothing but its eye-popping looks and extraordinary on-road performance. There is nothing wrong in the fact that it's one of the top three luxury models offered by Toyota Motor Corporation so far.

Sushmita sen getting into her car
Sushmita sen getting into her car

If you love doing experiments in new cars, then it can be an ideal option for you. It will not only make you feel comfortable during long road trips with your friends, but also provide you extra space when you go out with your family. It has a very powerful engine and extraordinary tool kit that doesn't let you get out of options when you need them the most. You can get in touch with top notched new car dealers in India in order to buy a Lexus SUV. Not only do normal people or business tycoons like to ride Lexus SUV, but also many Bollywood celebs join the list as well. The biggest name among all the B-town celebs who love to ride Lexus is Sushmita Sen. Often it is seen that B-Town celebs like to give only those celebrity cars in India a space in their garage that look classic, elegant, powerful and expensive off-course.

You can find all the expensive cars in Bollywood starting from Audi to BMW, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. These days female actresses have also started showing their love and affection for cars. Deepika Padukone publically shows her love for Audi and BMW, whereas Sushmita Sen takes the higher charge and can be seen riding her white Lexus SUV on Mumbai Roads quite often. Many a times her pictures have got featured in various newspapers and magazines. Recently she was spotted riding her Lexus in Bandra along with her friends. Although she has other cars as well in her kitty, but Lexus seems to be her love of life.

When it comes to any public appearance or award function, she loves to go there in her Lexus SUV. It's very difficult to see female celebrities riding SUVs these days, but Sushmita Sen is an exception to this fact. She doesn't fee shy in showing off her love for Lexus.

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