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In today's time people try to have all the luxuries in their pocket, film stars are no way behind. For them, owning a big car is just another status symbol. Height of their image is measured by the cost of their cars. In an industry full of such people, one person who has maintained his dignity without getting it affected by number of cars is Rajinikanth. Although he avoids showing off his car love, but still he has a few very attractive cars that can get anyone's attention.

Rajinikanths premier padmini fiat
Rajinikanths premier padmini fiat

His first car was Premier Padmini Fiat which he bought in early 1980s. It was one of the most sought after cars at that time, and not many people were able to own it. Rajinikanth has always preferred quality over quantity; therefore, you can find some of the best cars in his garage. His Premier Padmini Fiat is the best example of top-notched class and paramount quality. The best thing about his love towards his Premier Padmini Fiat is that he tries his best to keep it in good condition. If you have a look at her, you can't figure out if it is the same car that he bought almost 30 years back.

The national government car or in other words ambassador car also makes it to his favorite cars' list. He is one of those who appreciate elegance. You can see this quality of him in his car collection. In last two decades or so, ambassador car has been used mostly by political leaders and other government officials. Even these days, you can see his family using the same ambassador car.

The third car in this list is Honda Civic car. With the change of time and trends, he has taught himself to upgrade his car collection. If you want to have a comfortable and hassle-free driving experience, then you can choose Honda civic car without any second thought. He is seen many-a-times in his Honda Civic car, which is a sign that he likes the comfort during his outdoor visits.

Although he travels only in above mentioned cars for most of the times, but still a few other cars like Chevrolet Tavera and Toyota Innova can be seen in his garage which are used by other members of the family. Rajinikanth's simplicity is an example for many of the stars who look to drive in expensive cars like Audi, Ferrari, BMW etc.

The superstar’s latest movie Kabali has just hit the theatres & fans are simply lapping up his signature moves, dialog deliveries & the fight sequences. While other movie stars plan their movie releases around popular holidays, the release of a Rajnikanth movie is enough for firms to declare a holiday. Come next year, fans will once again see Rajnikanth relive his iconic performance as a genius scientist & his futuristic humanoid-robot in Robot 2.0. That’s right, 2017 is the year when ‘Chitti’ will be reborn by Dr. Vaseekaran. From Chaalbaaz in the late Eighties to the futuristic Robot; Kabali to the upcoming Robot 2.0 Rajnikanth has shown just why the audiences consider him to be God himself.

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