Rohit Shetty And His Car Choices

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Rohit Shetty is well known for making his car fly in the air. Not in real life but reel life, the stunts and actions that are equipped in almost all his movies has a scene in which, cars are flying here and there. And on being asked, he answers that he won’t stop putting such scenes in his movies. But is he having a same behaviour with his personal collection of cars?

Rohit shetty and his car
Rohit shetty and his car

Rohit Shetty and cars can be linked closely, not because of the stunt scenes in his movies but because of his interest and passion about the cars. He has a vast fleet of cars including cars from different eras. He has a collection of these cars and is vastly known for this. He gives a new explanation to the celebrity cars and also plays its role in increasing the luxury of luxury cars in India.

Being a keen collector of cars, Rohit Shetty has never forfeited those cars that he bought at the beginning of his career. These include the middle-class family car, Santro, Maruti 800 and also and a mid-size sedan, Skoda Octavia that he bought seven years prior to the present day! If we consider the present day when his career is at its peak, he has laid his hands on some luxury cars. The list of celebrity cars that he owns or wishes to own includes an old Mustang, which has been his dream car since a long time now!

In an interview, Rohit Shetty told that when he was a toddler, he laid his hands on his father’s Mahindra Jeep and crashed it into the gutter, and fortunately getting out without any injury! He isn’t able to buy Mustang because of the non-availability of the conditions that he wants! Being a car enthusiast, Rohit Shetty does own a BMW thus making him one of the prestigious owners of BMW Cars in India. We also see numerous high end Skoda Cars in India, of which Rohit Shetty readily boasts about!

On being asked that whether he would prefer one of the Ferrari cars or a Lamborghini, he promptly answers that he would like owning one of the luxury cars of Lamborghini! Rohit Shetty has always been giving a new title and meaning to the celebrity cars. Rohit Shetty says that he would prefer buying an automatic instead of laying out a carpet for some manual transmission car. He also likes to get the repairing tasks of his cars done by some mechanic rather than going under the car and getting himself dirty.

After learning car driving at a meagre age of 15, Shetty says that his passion of cars won’t deteriorate until he can achieve his long lost dream of buying an Old Mustang.

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