Robin Van Persie And His Car Collection

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Robin van Persie is the renowned Dutch footballer who is the captain of the national team of Netherlands and represents Manchester United as a striker. Born on 6th August 1983 in the region of Rotterdam, this athlete soon joined the local youth football club of SBV Excelsior where his talent was soon witnessed. Soon he was signed for Feyenoord, where he began his professional career as a footballer. The star footballer won many crucial games for his club and was even accorded with the title of KNVB Best Young Talent. Since that moment, there was no looking back for Persie and his dreams for joining the big league soon turned into reality. In the year 2004, he received an offer from Arsenal and started playing with the likes of Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.

Robin Van Persie with his car
Robin Van Persie with his car

The peak of Robin van Persie's life came when he was elected as the player of the month in November 2005 for scoring straight eight goals in the eight starting matches of Arsenal. Some of the matches against the likes of Manchester City, Newcastle United and Birmingham City saw this footballer moving swiftly on the field and scoring majestic goals with his astute strategy. In 2011, he was elected to represent Arsenal as a captain and again played a vital role in elevating his team's ranking. During 2012, he was offered a deal to play with Arsenal's arch-rivals Manchester United and the footballer accepted it with glee. His performance remained unhindered for the new club, where he started the campaign by scoring 2 goals in a 2-0 win over team Wigan Athletic.

This fearsome player has been named among the greatest footballer alive by several prominent celebrities of the football arena. Robin van Persie, being a true humble athlete, gives all the credit to his parents and coach. His hobbies include playing ping pong and spending quality time with his family. Being a rich footballer, he has adapted into a lavish lifestyle and owns a number of luxuries to justify the same. Among his most precious belongings are his cars in which he loves to take a spin every now and then. Robin van Persie has an array of luxurious cars from the lot of global auto giants. Parked in his garage is a BMW X5, an Audi S5 Sportsback, Porsche 911, Porsche Cayenne Techart Magnum and a Range Rover Sports. It seems that the footballer also has an affection for vintage cars and the Nissan Figaro parked at his home suffice the same.

In the current football season, Robin van Persie is again doing wonders by scoring some of the most brilliant goals during World Cup 2014. His one crucial goal for Netherlands against Spain even gave him the title of Flying Dutch. Persie scored a total of 2 goals in the match and helped Netherlands win with a 5-1 score over the rivals. The next match against Australia also saw Persie gliding the ball with agility and scoring an important goal to help the team with a 3-2 win. Robin van Persie is just 30 years old and there is still much football left in him. With the same attitude towards the game, he is certainly going to be among the top-notch players ever in the game of football.

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