Preity Zinta And Her Lexus LX 470

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You can love her, feel jealousy with her, but never hate or ignore Preity Zinta. She is better known for her beauty, free-bee nature, love, affairs, ownership of Punjab team and beautiful Lexus lx 470 SUV. If you name top three cutest girls of Bollywood, then simply you can't keep Preity Zinta out of it. Even though she doesn't come from an acting background, but her skills, acting and hard work are enough to keep her haters shut. Preity Zinta reaches on Shooting on time mostly, and for this punctuality, she gives credit to her beautiful Lexus lx 470 SUV. It is one of the most powerful cars of the industry due to its V8 engine with capacity of 4.7 liter. It is capable of generating powerful 268 bhp @5400 rpm. Apart from powerful engine, Lexus lx 470 SUV is also equipped with latest GPS system, music player, DVD navigation system, Lexus Voice any many more attractive features.

Preity zinta and her lexus lx 470
Preity zinta and her lexus lx 470

Lexus lx 470 cars in India are mainly preferred by those who love power and comfort. For those who need elegance, there are many other cars available, but a few who loves fast paced powerful driving, they turn towards Lexus lx 470 cars in India. From its stylish looks to powerful engine, there are numerous factors that can drive anyone crazy. No matter if you are a sports person or a business man or a working class man, you can't ignore the charm and royalty that Lexus lx 470 cars in India can fuel in your life.

When the discussion about celebrity cars in India starts, you can't keep any top-notched car out of the list. Right from Jaguar to BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley and many other world-class models are owned by Bollywood stars. These days media predicts the size of someone's bank account from his/her car, which can be another reason of why they prefer to maintain high end cars. You can also notice one more interesting fact about Bollywood stars cars, they show more of their personalities than anything else. Someone who loves fast pace, power and strength, goes with SUVs, while those who love elegance, opt for a normal high end cars.

Lexus cars in India are depict power, comfort and strength. You can refer various online and social media sources in order to know more about these luxurious cars. If you are someone who loves fast speed and comfort, then it can be very difficult for you to ignore Lexus cars.

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