Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owned By Vidya Balan

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Vidya Balan, by far, is the best actress in India at the moment and there is no matting her level, which is one reason productions are being made around her, as if she was a Khan. In addition, she is married to Siddarth Roy Kapur, the Chief Executive Officer of UTV Movies, which has brought her into further limelight. Now, it is standard protocol around the world that movie stars take huge amounts of money and consequently, end up owning big cars, houses and other things. Vidya Balan, who is no different to this, got a Mercedes E-Class car sometime ago. Mercedes car models are pretty popular among Bollywood stars and a car from the German company adds to their stardom and makes them stand out among the crowd.

Vidya balan with her car
Vidya balan with her car

Interestingly, Balan was gifted this Mercedes E-Class car from her father, who loved his daughter’s performance in the film Paa. Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a model that exudes class the moment you look at it, irrespective of who is the owner. For this reason alone, Mercedes dealers pitch this as a car that is ideal for people who are popular and have a high status in the society. Be it Mercedes E-Class specification, looks, technology features or the power, this car scores high on all accounts.

Though the Mercedes E-Class car has been with Vidya Balan for almost half a decade, her love for the car has only increased. The Mercedes E-Class price in 2009 was quite different than what it is now but this model still remains to be a customer favourite. Mercedes dealers in India have a fairly good idea about their total target market is and the demand for this car is pretty inelastic. This is one reason why, in a country like India, Mercedes E-Class price does not matter at all.

There are two versions of this car available in India, namely E200 and E250 CDI. The former is powered by a 1991-cc engine while the latter is fitted with a 2143-cc unit, which churn out torque levels of 300 and 500 Nm, respectively. Like most Mercedes car models, E-Class also has a number of technologically advanced features, which includes the drive system. Mercedes E-Class price completely justifies the package it gives and no wonder Vidya Balan loves her elegant ride so much.

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