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John Abraham is an eminent Bollywood actor, who has been blessed with a great masculine body. The model turned actor has been the face of a number of domestic and global fashion magazines. He is considered as a prominent youth icon among the younger generation and is acknowledged for his acting skills in movies, such as Dhoom, Madras Café and New York. The celebrity, apart from his talent, is also famous among mass and media for his deep interest in automobiles. Almost everyone is aware that John Abraham has one of the finest collections of sports bikes from around the world, including a Yamaha R1 and V-Max 1700. However, few might not know that this passion is not only limited to fast bikes but is equally inclined towards sports cars. The star is the proud owner of a variety of fast and luxurious cars, among which is the Lamborghini Gallardo.

John Abrahams Lamborghini Gallardo
John Abrahams Lamborghini Gallardo

Parked in the garage of this celebrity is one of the finest creations of the Italian sports car maker. This speed cruiser is among the most astonishing Lamborghini cars ever made and is owned by other famed personalities of the world as well. The model owned by John Abraham is the Lamborghini Gallardo Black Edition, which is one of the limited edition Lamborghini cars in the world. This speed cruiser is christened LP 550-2, where the figure 2 stands for the conventional 2-wheel drive. Auto experts believe that by making this car a proper rear-wheel drive, the Italian auto giant has kept up with the traditional sports pedigree in his cars. Lamborghini car dealers in India suggest that this specific model has been in demand the most in the market and has been purchased by several famous people.

Going into the Lamborghini Gallardo specs, the car features a massive 5.2-litre DOHC 4-Valve V10 Common-Pin Crankshaft type petrol engine, which has a displacement of 5204 cc. This heavy mill is able to churn an enormous power output of 550 bhp with a peak torque of almost 540 Nm. The engine is coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission, which feeds all the power to the rear wheels. Like all other Lamborghini cars, this model is also a speed machine and has the capability of crossing the 0-100 kmph mark within 3.8 seconds, with a further top speed of 320 kmph. The entire body of this car has been made out of an aluminium space frame, which provides agility and rapidness to it on all types of smooth surface.

Lamborghini Gallardo features some of the most technically advanced safety provisions, such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Limited Slip Differential, Active Steering Return (ASR) and Active Brake Dynamic (ABD). The Lamborghini car dealers in India have acknowledged this model as the top-notch seller of the company owing to its astonishing features and performance figures. This Special Edition Lamborghini Gallardo price is estimated to be around Rs. 2 crore, which is a whopping Rs. 30 lakh more than the standard version. The Lamborghini car dealers in India agree that despite such a heavy price tag, this car remains to be an ideal choice for auto fanatics of the country.

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