Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khans Impressive Car Collection

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When it comes to possessing cars and luxury automobiles, the Bollywood celebrities have always had that cutting edge factor. Be it possessing the heritage ambassador car and Maruti Esteem by the actors of the bygone era or the chic supercars by recent celebrities like Arjun Rampal, Bollywood has always defined what luxury cars are all about. Our very known Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan has more reasons than one o be counted as the most stylish celebrities as far as possessing high-end car variants is concerned. The Khan, though had a tough initial stint at the industry, seems to have hit a purple patch and is on the roll after belting out one blockbuster after the other. Doing justice to his flamboyant nature and stylish tastes, the Chote Nawab’s impressive car collection today, comprises a BMW 7 Series, a Lexus 470, an American Mustang car, Mercedes Benz, a Land Cruiser and a Range Rover.

Saif ali khan in his car
Saif ali khan in his car

Bollywood’s love for the German automobile manufacturer BMW is no secret and almost one out of two celebrities are proud owners of cars from tis brand. Chote Nawab is no exception and he is the proud owner of the signature BMW 7 Series. Available basically as a luxury sedan or limousine version, this car has been the flagship model for the automobile manufacturer for almost more than three decades now. The current one on production and sale is the 5h Generation F01 or F02, which features 8-speed auto transmission and an all-wheel drive. Having a double wishbone front suspension design, this chic model is the ultimate choice when it comes to complementing the royal elegance of the Chote Nawab. All engines in the BMW 7 Series model are turbocharged, which gives a sensation of cruising power while zooming on freeways.

American Mustang car, on the other hand is an all-time classic pony car from the luxury brand Ford. The current model in use is the fifth generation, which churns out 315 hp of power. A new variant of the American Mustang car is all set to enter the market in 2015.  Apart from these, Saif Ali Khan is the proud owner of a Lexus 470, which is a luxury SUV. The new version has a facelift model with new grilles, headlamps and other external features. Definitely, Lexus 470 is not the end of the collection of the princely Nawab’s luxury cars and more models are sure to be added later on.

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