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Where would you find an eight wheel drive Nissan Patrol, Ford Model-T, A Rolls Royce used by Queen Elizabeth Two of UK and a globe-shaped nine bedroom, nine-bathroom caravan? The answer won’t be difficult for any car enthusiast worth his salt. Yes, that is correct: at the personal garage of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, also known as Rainbow Sheikh.

Rainbow sheikh with his cars
Rainbow sheikh with his cars

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan began to be called as Rainbow Sheik because of the rainbow insignia that are a part of his cherished motors sport. As a part of the monarchial family which has been ruling Abu Dhabi for the past three centuries now, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is, as is evident, a passionate car enthusiast who takes a lot of time studying and researching the car industry and its developments around the world.Since money is not really a problem for him, the cars owned by Rainbow Sheikh range from exquisite, luxurious celebrity cars boasting of Mercedes cars and BMWs to the collectables and historic which were functioning during the World Wars or even before that.

The cars owned by Rainbow Sheikh number up until about 400-500 or so, and the Sheik keeps adding newer models every time he finds an opportunity to do so. Within his vast array of a collection of celebrity cars, a car enthusiast can find for himself numerous rare and unique models they might not have been familiar with- the globe-shaped caravan, for example. It’s essentially a replica of the globe, but inside it are nine-bedrooms equipped with an equal number of bathrooms. The globe-shaped caravan might not be of much use, since none of the roads can accommodate it, but as a structure it certainly invites the awe. Apart from such weird models, there are also the celebrity car models included among the cars owned by Rainbow Sheikh. These include the treasured Mercedes Benz Collection, the most astounding being a set of seven Mercedes cars the Sheik ordered way back in 1983. Then, he hired the German company Styling Garage paint those Mercedes in the seven colors of rainbows, thus proving his passion for the colors of the rainbow.

Among the costly and awe-inspiring celebrity cars and the rare diamonds, Sheik has created for himself a personal garage that boasts of being arguably the best collection of cars ever made on the World. Considering this, it may not be an overstatement to call Rainbow Sheik the actual, deserved King of Cars.

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