Amir Khans Mercedes Benz Guard

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Aamir Khan is among the most renowned Indian film celebrity whose prominence has reached worldwide. The actor is known for his pragmatic nature, pedantic acting skills and being a constant participant in a number of social activities. Recently, the legend had purchased the new model of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which is christened S600 Guard. The car is also known as Mercedes-Benz Guard and is among the most expensive Mercedes cars present in the world. What makes this car more hyped is that it is entirely bullet-proof and has been only owned by two people in India prior to Aamir Khan and they are – Mukesh Ambani and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Amir Khans Mercedes Benz Guard
Amir Khans Mercedes Benz Guard

Mercedes-Benz Guard has been equipped with a special armoured body, which can even resist bomb explosions. This car had existed in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class portfolio for quite a long time and has also been present in the international markets. The latest version of this car is tapped under the hood with a mammoth 6.0-litre V12 Twin Turbocharged petrol engine, which has the capacity to churn out a power output of a whopping 530 bhp with a peak torque of a massive 830 Nm. This powerful mill is mated to an AMG 7G-Tronic automatic transmission, which channels all the energy to the rear wheels of the car. The performance figure of this car is astonishing and it can do a 100 kmph from standstill under a minuscule 4.6 seconds, further blistering to a top speed of 250 kmph.

This luxury sedan bears a hefty price tag of Rs. 10 crore that makes it one of the most expensive Mercedes cars in the world. The German auto major has been providing a number of its cars, including E and G-Class, with an armoured body or Guard. The S, G and E-Guard Mercedes models are specially designed to bear heavy collisions, bomb attacks, fire and even bullet shots; thus, ensuring maximum safety to the occupants. The company claims that its think tanks start working on the safety features of the Mercedes-Benz Guard models even before the final layout is ready. The car is then examined on international safety standards and is then only given the high protection level of VR4. During the testing phase, this Mercedes-Benz S-Class model is fired with bullets from different angles to ensure that no harm is being done at the inside.

Mercedes new car dealers claim that this ultra-protective model of the company has been in demand across a number of countries. Big celebrities and politicians usually opt for this car as its safety features are impeccable and providing it any harm is next to impossible. Experts suggest that among all the Mercedes cars ever built, the guard models have been quite successful despite of the fact that they cost so much. This is chiefly due to the fact that a number of auto connoisseurs and car lovers unanimously agree that the German automobile technology is unparalleled and has no match in the globe. After all, the car of this stature is the official vehicle for a number of Presidents and Prime Ministers from all over the world.

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