A R Rahman And The Toyota Fortuner

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If you are a die-hard fan of cars, then there is no need to tell you about Toyota Cars and their history in India. If you name five-car companies in last one decade, that have  done extremely well in Indian market, then Toyota surely gets a top notched place among those companies. Toyota cars in India have put an impeccable impact on the mindset of people from all age group. If you talk about one powerful car, a giant that has taken breaths of millions of people, then it is none other than Toyota Fortuner.

A R Rahman
A R Rahman

Toyota Fortuner is a momentous beast that can give you a special feeling while driving, therefore youngsters, as well as people from old age both like this car equally. New as well as used Toyota Fortuner has written a great success story in last five years in India. It won't be wrong to say that Fortuner has been the main reason of Toyota's success in India. A few years in the past, when Indian market was not doing that good in terms of sales, the company decided to take its success story on the next level. And for the same reason, it appointed one of the well known singer and composer A R Rahman as the brand ambassador for Toyota Etios in India. A R Rahman carried an image of an incomparable, second to none yet down to earth human being as well as singer. By that time, A R Rahman had achieved two Oscar awards for his unbelievable performance in Bollywood. It helped the company in terms of increased sales as well as brand establishment.

Though A R Rahman was not the first person who had accepted such proposal from an auto company. When it comes to celebrity cars in India, the list varies from simple cars to luxury beast. Brands like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and Ferrari can be seen in Bollywood, but still the leading singer cannot take away his faith from Fortuner. He owns a black SUV and feels very proud on his choice.

According to experts, if you are in search of a big SUV which can give you a royal feeling, then Toyota Fortuner is an ideal choice for you. Even if you are given a choice to buy Used Toyota cars in India, then there is no harm in that because they will give you as good feeling as any other new SUV normally gives. So no matter if you want to follow celebrity cars in India or normal cars, Fortuner proves to be a very good choice among SUV cars.

If you are going to buy a used Toyota Fortuner car then check for a few things like its parts, insurance policy, the warranty period, driver's history and if the car has been indulged in any accident in the past. You can take the final call on the basis of this information about any used Toyota Fortuner. You can take any good reference from your friends or relatives in case you fail to find them on your own. So throw away your confusion and make a call as soon as possible.

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