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        Tips To Extend Battery Life Of Your Electric Car

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Tips to extend battery life of your electric car
        Tips to extend battery life of your electric car

        There is a general concern among buyers opting for electric cars as to how long their batteries will work properly. The hybrid vehicles or fully electric cars in India are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the life of which depends on the amount of care taken by the user. Auto experts believe that with proper management, the battery life can be extended up to more than a decade. Certain tips can be employed for the same and few of them are listed below:

        • One should avoid full charging whenever possible because if the electric car batteries are charged to their maximum capacity during every charge-up, then they start getting drained after a while. It is among the most hazardous things that can be done to the lithium-ion batteries. Although, the maximum capacity of the battery might increase the range to which the car works, in long run the same will be affected to a greater extent. Another advantage of leaving space in the battery and not charging fully is that there is room for further energy to get stored while regenerative braking is done.

        • For a fully electric vehicle, like the Mahindra e2o, user can avoid discharging the battery completely. Usually, the lithium-ion batteries are said to prefer a partial cycle as against a complete discharge. Such tip would allow less wear and tear to the battery and in long run, it will more durable and reliable. In some electric cars available in the international markets, there is a fuel bar specially integrated for the same purpose. The bars tell drivers to charge the battery much before it is about to get deeply discharged.

        • It is further recommended that for hybrid cars, users should completely drain the electric battery before switching to the fuel mode. The car's battery management system automatically stops drawing charge from the battery when it is completely drained and switches to fuel mode to avoid deep cycling. But if there is a steep ascent in the planned journey, then it is advised to manually switch to the fuel mode as such kind of routes gulp in excess of charge from the batteries; thus leaving them fully drained in a quick span.

        • Among the most significant electric car battery tips is that the electric cars should be avoided to be parked under the sun during hot days. One should park the car in shade so as to avoid unnecessary drainage of the charge. The thermal management system in the electric vehicles allows the battery to not get heated and maintains their temperature. If parked under the sun, this system will keep working continuously and after a while all the energy of the battery will be drained in keeping it cool.

        • Most of the electric vehicles in India, such as Mahindra Reva car and e2o, are charged with the conventional electricity source found in households. However, there are DC quick chargers available in the market that charges the battery quickly than the AC source. This fast charging is beneficial in long journey as the car can be quickly charged but its regular usage causes harm. Experts suggest that the regular usage of DC quick chargers consumes almost 1 per cent of the battery capacity every year. This figure may not be very great but it is still harmful to the battery in long run and reduces its normal life span.