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        Tips To Buy A Used Car

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Used car market in India stands tall in the global ranking for so called second hand cars. The Indian car market is flooded with an interesting line-up of hatchbacks, sedans and SUV's. The benefit of getting a wider choice is often overlooked with the drawback of deciding on the right one. It’s as simple as – wider the choice, more is the confusion. The local car market is flooded with Indian and international car makers, each car having a unique identity, it is important to pick the best option for you. Majority of people buying a used car are first time owners who have either upgraded from a two wheeler or are learning how to drive a car. Primarily you need to know that, owning a car eats up a considerable amount of funds as a running cost from your annual budget, especially when you decide on buying a used car. 

        Tips to buy a used car
        Tips to buy a used car

        Take the first step by checking your budget, as to how much are you intending to invest in the purchase of a used car. Remember, buying a used car has some pros and cons to it, an old car may offer better features as compared to a new car, but the cars history may be unknown and shall come with a lesser warranty coverage. 


        Once you have decided on your budget, it’s time to explore and research the car market. There are many used car dealers in your city that you have come across while traveling to work or while glancing upon online advertisements. But, before approaching them do check for reviews with your peers or refer online forums. This may help you identify genuine sellers and keep some fake jokers at bay. Also, there is a bitter truth with used cars – Do not blindly believe what you see, a car that looks good may not necessarily mean that it is in good condition too!


        Once you have scanned the array of cars as per your requirement and have also identified good dealers, you can then start approaching them for a price quote. Also, do visit multiple dealers as each one may quote differently for the car you need. The cut-throat competition in this used car market can largely benefit you, so do try to drive a hard bargain from them.


        Dealers are sweet talkers but do not believe everything they say! Do ask for keys and take it for a test drive. In case you are not familiar with cars, you can tag along a mechanic, a friend or a relative who is familiar with its operation. This is recommended, unless you have a driver who can drive you around. Test drives give a fair idea as to how the car handles under different circumstances.

        Once you are done with a test drive and have finalized a particular model, it’s time to calculate the interest rate for loans and other financial details. Check with different banks too, as the interest rates may vary. Also, note that it is not necessary that the dealer may provide with the best offer so it is important that you explore the market well.


        Once you have sealed the deal, your role just doesn't end there. You must be well aware that your car shall need periodic maintenance, some used car dealers do provide with timely reminders, but some just do not seem to care. So it’s you who must keep a track of your vehicle's maintenance. Last but not the least, do take you family or friends out on long trips once you drive back home; there's nothing better than driving with your folks!