Tips On Buying Fuel Efficient Cars

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With the rise in per-capita income of people, a four-wheeler, to be precise, a car has become an indispensable part any Indian family. Bearing in mind the rising demands and tips to buy a new car given by people, manufacturers have brought out a range of cars, which cater to all sections of the society. They have distinguished features and come in different price segments to attract customers of all kinds. Tips to buy new car is highly prevalent.

Fuel efficient car
Fuel efficient car

India's commercial vehicle and passenger car manufacturing industry is the sixth largest in the world. Also, various foreign brands are setting up mergers and acquisitions in the Indian automobile Industry. The average Indian customer faces a “problem of plenty" when it comes to making a choice. Keeping this in mind, it becomes extremely essential to keep oneself acquainted of a few car fuel effieciency tips in India.

Firstly, it needs to be comfortable, hence, proper leg space; storage space and seating comfort are the pre-requisites. Other than that, car buying tips for fuel efficient cars are a must. Certain basic features such as power steering, power windows, provision for a good music system, leather upholstered seats, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, proper wipers, head-lamps etc. should compulsorily be there and should work efficiently.

One very important aspect that almost every customer takes into account while purchasing a car is buying tips for fuel efficient cars. The middle class essentially targets at cars, which provide better mileage. It is among the top car purchase tips in India. This is justified in the sense that, the cost of maintenance is drastically reduced if the car offers a good mileage as the prices of petrol and diesel are sky high these days. For detailed car buying tips for fuel efficient cars, you can follow the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). The tests that they conduct are carried out in enclosed rooms where they try to match up actual conditions. The actual car fuel efficiency tips in India falls short of the ARAI number usually.

In regards to the consumer demand, some low price high mileage cars are Hyundai Eon, Maruti Suzuki Alto, Tata Nano, Chevrolet Beat which provide great fuel efficiency along with reasonably good other features and hence are mostly preferred by Indian customers. Car fuel efficiency tips in India is always desirable. A car should be maintained properly, serviced at regular intervals, the engine should be oiled, and case of faults, it must be immediately reported. This way a greater mileage can also be ensured following the tips to buy a new car.

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