Pros And Cons Of Petrol And Diesel Cars

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Planning to buy a car? We completely understand the dilemma you may be facing while making a pick between the petrol or diesel version. There is also a considerable marginal difference between the pricing of different fuel types. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of petrol and diesel cars are as follows:


Pros and cons of Petrol and Diesel cars
Pros and cons of Petrol and Diesel cars


  1. Petrol cars come cheaper in comparison to diesel version, primarily the reason being that petrol fuel types are manufactured at a lower cost
  2. Diesel engine cars deliver better fuel efficiency and command a better price in the resale market
  3. Petrol cars are responsive, powerful and peppier in comparison to diesel version
  4. Diesel engines are capable of producing more torque than the petrol variant. This means that fewer gear changes are required while driving
  5. Petrol engines are relatively silent in comparison to a diesel variant
  6. Diesel engines have been reported to emit less C02 emissions, thus availing tax benefits in comparison to a petrol model


  1. Servicing of a diesel variant is relatively expensive as compared to a petrol version. Spares for the diesel version come at a higher price tag
  2. Petrol engines deliver lower fuel efficiency figures in comparison to the diesel variants. Cost of petrol is also higher which in turn adds up to the overall running cost
  3. Diesel engines are considered to be slightly underpowered and sloppier than a petrol version
  4. Petrol version does not command a good resale value in the used car marke
  5. Diesel engines often run into compliance issues with environmental norms
  6. Petrol versions haven't been much of a success with bigger vehicles    

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