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The biggest challenge for every car owner is the maintenance of the prized possession because that is mainly what ensures the durability and the usability of the car. Maintaining the car has various aspects to it and basic car maintenance tips consist of maintaining the tyres, checking the oil, checking the engine coolants, checking the shock absorbers, maintaining the brake fluid levels and few more. Car care tips are absolutely essential for first time buyers to maintain the car properly.

Save on basic car maintenance
Save on basic car maintenance

The tyres have to be inspected on a day to day basis, especially for any wear and tear, cracks, bulges or anything caught up in the thread because it is essential to maintain the tyres in top condition. The tyre pressure should be checked regularly, especially when cold to get the correct estimate, if you are checking manually without an air dispenser.

Oil plays a significant role by act as a cleanser and a coolant, which is why it has to be present optimally. The oil must be hence checked every two weeks, and the oil should be just optimum without being too high, which might damage the gaskets.

To make sure that the shock absorbers are in supple condition the car should be pushed down on each corner and then left to come back to its original position. If the normal position is not attained after the first one or two bounces then the absorber should be replaced.

Another important aspect of a car is its brakes, which ensure the safety of the car and those driving it. The brake level can be checked by locating the brake fluid reservoir and if the fluid is below the minimum level then it has to be added to the optimum level. Brakes should also be checked every now and then for precaution. The driver should always be aware of checking if the brake lacks firmness and accordingly add up brake fluid. One should always notice if the pedals are shaking or vibrating in which case they should be immediately replaced. The sound of grinding or metal on metal is often precursors to serious problems so one should always be careful and alert. The cars rotors or brake pads should therein be replaced immediately to avoid any accident.

Thus to make sure that your car is always in supple condition and ready for a high performance ride on the road always follow the above car care tips. This is surely a must to do and answers the question on how can we save money on car maintenance by checking up these things on our own without visiting the mechanic for every other reason.

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