Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium

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While buying auto insurance for any car, people are mostly unaware of the benefits they can intake from the policies. Generally, the premium for any car's insurance is set by the concerned authority and the same can be availed in case of theft or damages or other issues. Interestingly, the auto insurance premium for any model can be reduced to a considerable amount while till keeping the vehicle safe and sound. Users can employ certain tips and tricks to make this happen and these are listed below:

Reduce your auto insurance premium
Reduce your auto insurance premium
  • Car insurance in India is done by a number of government and private authorities, and even through local dealerships. While opting for the type of insurance, one should analyse and examine the clauses thoroughly and check if all the damages are being covered under the policies or not.

  • People should not tend to claim the insurance for small scratches or damages and these should in fact be repaired through the local mechanics. While buying an auto insurance, people are entitled to no-claim bonus for every year, which is claim-free. If an individual does not make any claim for few years consecutively, then this bonus helps in reducing the premium amount to a whopping 50 per cent.

  • An added advantage of the no-claim bonus is that it can be easily transferred to a new car. While selling an old car, one should keep in mind of retaining the insurance in his/her own name so that the benefits are continued in the new model as well. People have to simply take the no-bonus certificate from the concerned insurer and then they can reserve the bonus.

  • Comparing auto insurances also comes in handy before opting for a one blindly. A number of portals analyse the auto insurance quotes and people can go through them to make the selection process much easy. Furthermore, few of the companies also provide car insurance online for the convenience of prospective buyers. People can chose from the most suitable one as per their budget and requirements.

  • A simple way to reduce the premium is by paying the deductible, which one can easily afford. Be it Hyundai cars or Chevrolet automobile, if people buy insurance for them then they have to pay an amount from their pocket while claiming for the damage or loss. Any insurance is renewable after a tenure of one year; therefore, people should pay less deductibles so that the entire purpose of availing a car insurance is not lost.

  • Installing anti-theft devices in the new cars as well as used models is considered beneficial as it strengthens the entire safety aspect of the car. Auto experts believe that by purchasing steering, gear and car's safety locking system, the premium can be lessened to about 5 per cent. Almost all the new Honda, Ford and Maruti cars arrive in the dealerships after being installed with such devices.

  • There is a special benefit, which people linked with renowned automobile associations of the country can avail. If the user is interconnected with automobile bodies, which are recognised by Motor Vehicles Act and Rules of India, then they have special privileges of availing concessions on premium.

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