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        Insuring a Modified Vehicle

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        According to car insurance policy in India, if you are buying an old or new vehicle, then you should ensure it as soon as possible in order to avoid any financial loss due to occurrence of any unexpected event like accident. Auto insurance doesn't only help you by providing financial help when it is needed most, but also gives confidence that no matter what happens in the future, your family will not suffer ever.

        Insuring a modified vehicle
        Insuring a modified vehicle

        Vehicle insurance refers to a contract between the owner of the vehicle and insurance provider company in which one agrees to pay a pre-specified sum as premium on yearly basis in return of financial safety and security in case of any accident, theft or anything which is covered under motor vehicle insurance act. In order to cover your vehicle under vehicle insurance, you should get in touch with any good insurance provider. There is no much difference in the premium amount of vehicle insurance provider companies, so you can opt for any well-acclaimed insurer. The only major difference is found in servicing, so you better opt for the one company that offers the best service.

        If you have just modified your vehicle, then you should look forward to insuring a modified vehicle. When someone modifies his car, it mostly enhances its value. There are several accessories installed in the car at the time of modification. In some cases, already installed parts in cars are replaced with new and more expensive parts. Due to this reason, modified cars are more expensive than normal cars. If it's a simple car, then sum assured of it will be very less, so as the premium. But if it's a modified car, then both sum-assured and premium are higher than the normal case. That's the main reason one should ensure that he finishes insuring a modified vehicle as soon as he is done with the modification process. If you have recently modified your car and looking forward to hitting the road, then make sure that you have finished all the formalities of insuring a modified vehicle. You can either get in touch with an insurance provider direct or can take advice from an expert first and then execute the process.

        People hardly paid attention to car insurance in India earlier, but their mindset has changed these days. Media, road safety programs, education level, awareness and quite a few other facts have played a significant role in the changed attitude of people. By taking car insurance in India, they don't only get free from all the hassles of road-accidents (financial burden) after taking car insurance in India, but can also enjoy their ride effectively.

        So if you have bought a vehicle recently, then first execute all the processes regarding car insurance in India and then hit the road in order to make sure that you don't end up losing car as well as money.

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