Volkswagen's BlueMotion Technologies

author image Tuesday 25 March 2014, 17:20 PM Automobile Technology

Modern technology has definitely brought in much needed comfort and luxury for mankind. But somewhere down the line much damage has been done to the ecology system, especially by our mode of commute. Volkswagen Cars has taken its first step in an effort to reduce the emission levels by incorporating BlueMotion Technologies.


Volkswagen's blueMotion technologies
Volkswagen's blueMotion technologies

The BlueMotion Technologies are a set of technologies that drastically help in reducing the carbon footprint of the car and enhances the overall fuel-efficiency without compromising on overall drive quality. Currently the technology has been widely used in the Passat sedan. Some of its unique characteristics are:


Auto start-Stop - In an attempt to save fuel and cut down on CO2 emission levels, the innovative start/stop system automatically stops the engine function every time you come to a standstill, it helps you save precious fuel and cut CO2 emissions.


Brake energy recuperation - Every-time the car brakes are applied, Kinetic energy is converted into electricity which is stored in the battery. So every-time the brakes are applied, more power is added to the batteries. So, the more you brake, the further you get to go.


Optimized gear ratios: The Manual and DSG transmissions are tuned for longer ratios, early up-shifts and delayed down-shifts are possible which help with increase in energy efficiency.


Gear shift indicator: The innovative feature recommends optimum time for gear shifts. This function prevents energy loss while shifting gears. The final output is the delivery of an impressive fuel efficiency.

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