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In the fast growing world, advancement in technology has bestowed each individual with a more convenient lifestyle. An equal contribution of technology has been in the automobile sector, where each and every car maker is planning to employ new methodologies to make their vehicle better. Google is one such global firm, which has greatly influenced almost all the car makers around the world with its innovations. Now its app market, which is installed in every android based smartphone, is doing rounds in enhancing the automobile technology. There is a car performance app available now in this application market that monitors the computer of any car, i.e. the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The application is called torque lite and is being used by a number of car users worldwide.

Torque lite - car performance app
Torque lite - car performance app

Interestingly, the application does not need the use of any external hardware and works on a basic GPS navigation system. It is easy to install from the Google App Market, and is available in a trial as well as paid form.  The basic features of the free aka trial version is that it allows the user to gain information about the car's various statistics, such as the-100 kmph acceleration, top speed and positioning of the car via using Google Maps. However, the most noteworthy feature of this hi tech car app is that it allows the user to dig into the various aspects of how the car actually works. It possesses the ability to detect any faults occurring in the ECU of the car and then diagnose it accordingly. It gives a person the real-time information into the various mechanics of the car and allows him/her to resolve any issue arising in the vehicle.

This car android app needs to make the use of a Bluetooth OBD II compliant tool, which scans all the inner data from the ECU. One has to make sure that hi/her car is OBD compliant and then only the app can be utilised for further purposes. In most of the cars, the OBD port is mounted beneath the steering wheel or somewhere beside the glove box. After finding out the port, a person has to just simply connect the Bluetooth scanner with it and let the torque lite come to play. After connecting, pair the phone's bluetooth with the scanners', start the engine of the car and then open the application on the smartphone. The app will start measuring fault codes, performance figures, brake and engine liquid status, engine speed and pressure, coolant temperature, fuel rail pressure, throttle response and a number of other mechanics. It will detect any fault occurring and will then start the diagnoses or troubleshooting to resolve the same.

The paid version of this car performance app is available on the app store for almost Rs. 300. It gives the advantage of checking the torque, power output, graph data, kilometre tests, maps and track views of the car. There are a number of dials displayed in both the versions of this app that tell the user about the engine and car's performance. There is an accelerometer, barometer, compass, temperature gauge and pressure gauge built in the application. It must be noted that the results displayed by this application can be slightly different from the accurate figures but it is still reliable in providing all the data regarding a vehicle and diagnose the problems.

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