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Almost all the cars present in the world today are integrated with the navigation system, which allows passengers the convenience of finding directions. In few automotive markets though, including India, there is a major void in GPS integrated vehicles. Therefore, most of the drivers either rely on a map or there smartphones, which has the options of navigation. There have been quite a few reliable navigation apps available on the market store of these smartphones. A latest addition to this list is of SCOUT, which is a product of Telenav – a renowned company in the GPS market. SCOUT is available for android based phones, iPhones as well as Windows phones. Interestingly, the app can also be connected to the built-in display of the vehicle via a Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi and works perfectly as a car GPS app.

SCOUT - car gps app
SCOUT - car gps app

SCOUT is available free of charge on the application stores of various smartphones and is specially designed for people on-the-go. This type of app is a new step towards automobile technology and helps in making machine-user interface much more stable. Few of the hi-tech cars have also been provided with the SCOUT embedded navigation system, which can be easily operated through the infotainment panel. This app features large buttons and a compelling interface, which is user-friendly and can even be operated by a beginner. There are GPS search options on the main screen and the app also stores the home and work address. People have the ease of finding nearby popular destinations, such as restaurants, hotels, landmarks, with the help of the Places of Interest (POI) button.

This automobile technology has an easy functionality and guides people to all the locations conveniently. To begin with this app, one just has to click on the navigation button and the trip starts. The graphics of the app are smooth and are lined with proper detailing of the roads and streets. The voice module has a much louder voice and can be heard easily even while the music is being played inside the car. The built-in vehicle system of this app also works equally well and features a portrait as well as a landscape mode. When under operation, this car app provides 3 distinct routes to the passengers that lead to the spot where they want to reach. People have the comfort of choosing the best among the options as this car app tells the estimated time the car will take to reach the destination. This car GPS app also features information about the current traffic status on various routes and if there is any obstacle ahead or not.

Experts believe that although many people are still inclined for the Google Maps car GPS app for navigation, SCOUT provides a captivating driver-oriented interface. This type of car technology has been designed to reduce the time and effort of the passengers inside. There are zillions of listings and prominent locations integrated with this car app along with the storing facility of the places, which have been visited the most. What's more is that this automobile technology provides the choices of 2-D and 3-D track modes for the utmost convenience of passengers.

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