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No matter how much one rants about fuel economy and efficiency, there is no match for top notch automobile technology in India. You might own a car that renders a mileage of 25 kmpl but the experience of Cruise Control, Hill Park Assist or DSG transmission is something else. BMW cars in India represent technology at its best and anyone who is a lover of more features would love to have a vehicle from this German firm. The Munich-based firm is known throughout the world for its path breaking technologies and run flat tyres are great examples. Though it is an internationally acclaimed technology, BMW run flat tyres are not so popular in India and understandably so.

BMW run flat tyre
BMW run flat tyre

The number of BMW cars in India has risen swiftly in the past few years and the Bavarian firm has overtaken Mercedes-Benz as the sub-continent’s best luxury vehicle brand.  Also, cars from the firm, in a lot of ways, have taken automobile technology in India to the next level. The concept of run flat tyres is explained in the name itself – tyres that can function normally even when there is low pressure. Incredibly, a car equipped with BMW run flat tyres can be easily driven even at zero pressure, which is quite incredible if one comes to think of it. The official website of this technology, says, “Keep performing even when the pressure drops: run-flat tyres keep you mobile even if all tyre pressure is lost. Instead of an unpleasant and unsafe roadside tyre change, you can reach home safely or drive to the next workshop for assistance.”

Run flat tyres available in BMW cars in India make travelling almost problem less for customers. Many regions in the country have poor road conditions and constant travelling can deflate tyres quickly, something that can affect the schedule of a person negatively. This is exactly where BMW flat tyres step in totally negate any effect of the road, making the passenger’s journey really easy. Industry experts have lauded the automobile technology in India brought by BMW and this is certainly one of them.

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