Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

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Car technology has shown a brilliant change in the past few years. Changes are not only seen in the overall looks of cars, but different kinds of fuel cell cars are also introduced in the market. One such kind of brilliant concept can be seen in a hydrogen fuel car, which uses the electrolysis process to run the vehicle. Such cars are also known as Hybrid Cars or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars. There are few points that one should know before making a purchase of this latest car technology of a Hydrogen Fuel Car:

  • Hybrid Car costs more than a conventional fuel car.

  • There will be a significant increase in your vehicle's mileage.

  • It is not water which acts as the fuel, but gases produced by it are.

  • A separate hydrogen car kit is installed to provide power to the car by hydrogen.

  • The engine of your vehicle will experience a longer life time compared to others.

    Hydrogen fuel cell car
    Hydrogen fuel cell car

A unique feature about the hydrogen fuel car is that its prime raw material i.e. Hydrogen, because of its highly reactive nature, is not freely available in the nature. So firstly, it is captured and is then kept in a carrier, say a battery. Production, storage, transport and distribution of such a fuel are some of the problems faced during the implementation in vehicles.

An electrolyte is required in hydrogen fuel cell cars that is located right in the centre of the battery. The distribution of the hydrogen in the cell is done into negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. Hydrogen molecules seep through permanently with the help of a blanket of gaseous carbon.

With the development of this car technology, people can save a lot of money that they usually spend on the fuel of their vehicles. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars are a readily implemented concept in the US. If we talk about new cars in India, this technology has not been used much on vehicles but surely it has a lot of scope in the future.

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