Gorilla Glass Offers A Quiet And Safe Commute

author image Wednesday 23 April 2014, 11:22 AM Automobile Technology
Gorilla glass offers a quiet and safe commute
Gorilla glass offers a quiet and safe commute

In the modern world, every car maker plans to upgrade its creation with the latest features available. Auto fanatics all over the world have witnessed a number of such additions in their favourite models. Be it the safety aspect or the technical enhancement, each auto manufacturer strives to make its car more reliable, durable and resilient. In such circumstances, a latest inclusion in the auto development arena would be of gorilla glass – special glasses, which are more toughened and scratch-resistant. These glasses can bear a considerable amount of damage as compared to the ordinary glasses and will be a part of the safety as well the technology aspect of the car. Furthermore, they will also be intensifying the overall looks of an automobile; thus making it look more stunning.

Gorilla glass on cars will be a special and exclusive feature, which, according to reports, is expected to be first unveiled in the BMW i8 – a hybrid sports car from the German auto giant. These types of glasses are used in making the screen of high-end touch screen mobile phones. They are exclusively manufactured to be more heat-resistant, damage-free and offer a more clear vision and display as compared to the ordinary ones. Their inclusion in the upcoming cars would mean that they will be protecting the occupants inside, in case of any adversity. Experts believe that the normal glasses, which are equipped on the car's windshield, are slightly fragile and might break into small pieces in case of a severe collision. These small sharp-edged pieces might cause damage to the passengers and in such a case, the gorilla glasses will be more beneficial.

These glasses, at present, are manufactured by the renowned company Corning, which will soon be unveiling its plans to utilise this creation in the cars. The gorilla car benefits are many and such glasses will be highly advantageous in protecting the occupants from damages as well as glares of sun falling in their eyes. As per the reports, the upcoming cars in India will also be soon incorporated with these glasses. Although, initially the cost of these glasses is expected to be steep and they will be used in high-end and luxury cars only. But in the later stages, with the advancement in technology, they will soon be equipped in almost all the models. What's more is that these glasses are lightweight as compared to the ordinary types and will help in making the car lighter and aerodynamically more efficient. 

If such a technology is included in the upcoming automobiles, it is sure that the commuting will become more safe and hassle-free. These glasses are not prone to scratches and will be have a much longer life as against the normal ones. Also, they will be soundproof as well and will be offering a more silent driving experience to the occupants. It’s a long road ahead when the new cars in India will be equipped with the gorilla glasses but reports are suggesting that by 2015, the automobiles might start featuring the same in the nation. It would be interesting to see when the technology finally arrives and how the prospective buyers react to it.

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