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In recent times, several applications have been introduced in the Google Play Store to cater the interests of car enthusiasts from around the world. While there are only a handful of cars in India with android compatibility, users are tending more towards the utilisation of a smartphone. One such application on the play store that is gaining quite publicity is the Fuellog – a car log app that tracks fuel consumption, cost and maintenance of a vehicle. This type of all-in-one car management app allows a user to calculate and determine a number of useful statistics regarding his/her motorbike or car. One can find all the information regarding the fuel economy of a specific car, its average cost per distance, total cost and mileage, total year and driven distance and other necessary expenses.

Fuellog - a car management app
Fuellog - a car management app

Notably, Fuellog is the only car management app available on the play store that also deals with other cars as well, such as electric, CNG and LPG vehicles, which use different trip meters. This car log app has a user-friendly and highly-interactive interface, which comprises 6 different charts calculating various figures of the vehicle. In order to provide utmost convenience to the passengers, this car mileage app also allows users to examine the distance and the needed fuel volumes for upcoming trips. The application uses a combination of algorithms to determine and display the best-possible result for any query related to mileage and other specification of a car.

What's more interesting is that with this car log app, a driver can also analyse the cost of all kinds of maintenance work required by the vehicle. One can track the cost of monthly services, monthly insurance, annual tax, and daily toll tax, parking costs, mechanical part costs and liquid changes needed in the car. The fuellog app supports a variety of cars from the domestic as well as global auto giants and also converts basic units to foreign units, such as km to miles, litres to gallons and mpg to kmpl. A user can read the information provided by this car management app in languages of English, German, French and Dutch. Furthermore, people can easily transfer all this data from the phone to the computer via a *. CSV file for other necessary calculations.

This type of automobile technology proves to be a boon for car users as all such information couldn't be gathered so easily by any other means. The application is available free of charge on the Google play store and can be downloaded on phones, which support android versions of 1.6 and above. There are multiple graphs in the application that tell people about the various specs of their model. The bugs and errors occurring initially in the app have been removed successfully by the creators. It is also being anticipated that the upcoming upgrades of this app will allow it to feature maintenance reminder, additional languages, additional statistics and other unit formats. This all-in-one application has been largely appreciated by users on the play store and is being downloaded by several other people as well.

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