Fuel Saving Start Stop System In Cars

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Generally people apply a number of fuel saving tips to save money on their cars and maintain its performance. However, with the recent developments in the automotive sector, new cars will be employed with a unique start stop system. The technology was first unveiled in the hybrid cars from around the world and considering its success, a number of auto manufacturers have decided to equip their new cars with the similar system. The fuel saving start stop system in cars will automatically switch off the automobile's engine when it is idling at a light.

Fuel saving start stop system in cars
Fuel saving start stop system in cars

Earlier, this technology was witnessed in the hybrid vehicles, where it was also called the idle-stop system. There were essentially 3 features involved in this type of system that were – the conventional engine, a battery and an electric motor or generator. When the car was running on the engine and brakes were applied, the idle-system helped in restoring energy by utilising regenerative breaking. This rotational energy helped in turning the electric motor to create electricity, which was further sent to the battery and stored for later usage. When brakes were applied, the motor switched off the engine and when the accelerators were pressed again, the engine started by using the energy stored in the battery.

This type of start-stop system, when installed in the upcoming cars, will certainly help in increasing their fuel efficiency to a greater extent. The upcoming fuel efficient cars will have their conventional engine mated with this technology to result in better mileage. There is a tendency of applying constant brakes in the car while driving in the city and this results in poor fuel economy statistics. The engine is idling constantly and a considerable amount of energy is wasted on every signal. However, with this type of technology, the problem will no more persist and prospective buyers will be able to save a sizeable amount of money of fuel.

It is being speculated that as per the fuel regulation norms, the start stop system in cars can be perceived from next year onwards. A number of renowned auto giants, such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Toyota have already started working on this project and have equipped their new cars with the technology. Latest in addition to this list will be the Ford cars, which will be aiming to appease customers with high mileage rate. Interestingly, the likes of Indian auto makers, such as Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors have already featured this methodology in their upcoming cars and the same will be implemented by other companies as well.

This fuel saving system is expected to redefine the future of new cars and will certainly benefit the consumers in saving money. However, experts are of a view that even if the new technology advents in the domestic market, people should not stop using the traditional methods to save fuel. It is always advised to brake minimum and not accelerate the car when it is idle or in traffic. The usage of proper tyres, switching off the engine at signals and turning off the electrical systems of the car, such as AC unit and radio also benefits largely in saving fuel. With the blending of the modern innovation and the conventional tricks, the problem of excessive fuel consumption in cars can be easily reduced.

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