Fords V2V Communication Technology Taking Auto Industry Forward

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Ford, the historic automaker from United States of America, is not only a pioneer in maintaining traditions of the industry, the firm, quite regularly, has gone on to take technology to the next level, thereby making travelling in cars safer and much more convenient. Experts believe that ford cars are right up there when it comes to technology and the Vehicle 2 Vehicle communications (V2V) is an achievement in itself.

Fords v2v communication technology
Fords v2v communication technology

Only about a month back, the American giant demonstrated the Ford V2V communication technology in an Asian country and showed to the world how the driving sophistication can be taken to another level. Solely aimed at enhancing safety, Vehicle 2 Vehicle communications (V2V) is believed to be highly effective and can potentially reduce accidents, improve efficiency of driving and make life easier for the driver.

Trevor Worthington, who plays a huge role in taking the technology aspect of Ford cars to further forward, believes that the vehicle to vehicle communication technology in cars is going to be a necessity in the years to come. “Ford is playing a leading role in developing this type of vehicle communications technology, entering into major research partnerships with governments, universities and industry groups in the U.S. and Europe,” he said in an interview.

It is said that the ford vehicle to vehicle communication technology in cars makes use of a radio system that uses Wi-Fi communication. This allows ford cars to caution the drivers in case a non-conducive situation is set to come forth, thereby giving them time to take evasive actions. Also, if the threat is non-singular then Vehicle 2 Vehicle communications can help spread the message to other cars, which helps in averting huge threats.

The best part about ford v2v communication technology is that it indicates and helps a person not after but before he is about to get into trouble. In a way, Ford cars are vaccinated with a technology that follows the principle of prevention is better than cure. Ford V2V communication technology not only aims at keeping the cars advanced but giving the driver the freedom to go about his business and be alerted when a crisis is foreseen.

Throughout the world ford car dealers have been pitching vehicle to vehicle communication technology in cars, which has helped them to create a larger customer base. Not only this, the future is going to be shaped in such a way that no human error causes any accidents.

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