Fords In-Car Technology For Ford Focus

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Not much time has passed when the American auto major, Ford introduced its unique technology of SYNC to provide better human-car interfacing. This in-car system allows the passengers to connect his/her smartphone with the car's entertainment unit; thus offering the convenience of making hands-free calls and perform different functions. The technology was first showcased at the Detroit Motor Show of 2007 and was equipped with a majority of the car maker's models. In a bid to make this interfacing more superior, the company has decided to incorporate the new model of Ford Focus with an upgraded version of Sync. The updated version of Ford Sync technology will be working through an 8-inch display of the car and will be integrated with features, such as voice control of audio system, climate and navigation control.

Ford Focus In-Car Technology
Ford Focus In-Car Technology

Interestingly, For Focus is considered the hot hatchback of the car maker and is among the best-selling models in the company's vast line-up. The 2014 model of this car was unveiled at the Mobil World Congress Expo in Barcelona and is anticipated to go on sales at the end of this year. The car will be available in all the major European markets and the company is claiming that it has employed some of its best innovations in the new model. The Ford Focus in-car technology will be operated through a touchscreen display, which will be mounted on the front main panel. Notably, this isn't the only exclusive feature the new hot hatchback will be displaying. The car will also be assisted with additional parking sensors at the rear that will allow the driver to park the vehicle in a perpendicular space more conveniently.

Coming to the Ford Sync technology, this feature works when the driver enables its Bluetooth and integrates the phone with the entertainment system. This wireless connection then allows the user to make phone calls and receive them while on hands-free, guide him/her through directions, operates the multimedia system and also the climate control. Other features such as sending a text message, surfing the internet, navigation through voice module and traffic updates can also be done through this feature. Anticipations are rife that the new version of this technology will also have integrated with social media networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

In this technological arena, almost all car makers are employing similar features in their upcoming models. Rumours are being generated that these features will also be equipped the upcoming Ford cars in India. Such systems are being installed in the automobiles of other global auto majors like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Ford car dealers in India believes that the inclusion of the Sync technology in the new models will help the company to enhance its brand image in the domestic auto market. It is not known as to when these features will be arriving in the nation but looking at the stiff competition given by other car makers, Ford might plan to do the same pretty soon. Whatever the outcome of this technology is, one thing is certain that the new toy will give ample opportunities for the driver to get entertained.

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