Ford Mobii Experimental In-Car Camera Technology

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Ford cars are famous for their remarkable technologies and innovative experiments. It seems that the automobile manufacturer was not completely satisfied with the V2V technology. Putting together the dexterous efforts of its Research and Development team, the automobile manufacturer has introduced Mobii, an all-new in-car camera system at Dearborn in Michigan. This system is undoubtedly, a new in the history of Ford automobiles and a path-breaking concept that is expected to go quite further down the line. Ford Mobii experimental in-car camera technology is a step further towards increasing the security of your car.

Ford mobii experimental in-car camera technology
Ford mobii experimental in-car camera technology

The experimental in-car camera system, once installed in the car, will feature a facial recognition system, which will be software supported. If there is an occasion, where an unknown user sits behind the wheel, an image is clicked and immediately sent to the owner of the car. The owner has the discretion to allow accessibility to the unknown driver using the Ford Mobile app. In case of a situation where the owner wants to disallow, he can immediately get the car locked with the help of the Ford Mobii experimental in-car camera technology.

This system, apart from having the primary requirements of locking and unlocking the car, also allows several other control features. Selective customisation of Ford cars is possible, where the owner permits only selective accessibility. Similarly, this system can make sure that only a certain top speed is allowed while a person is driving a car. Thus, this experimental in-car camera system gives a sense of security to all those parents who spend sleepless nights while their children are behind the wheel of their Ford cars.

Apart from these facilities, the anti-theft Mobii camera will recognise driver hand gestures. The cars will be programmed in such a manner so that the hand gestures combined with the voice commands of the driver. This will increase interaction between the driver and his vehicle without distraction. Just for example, the command ‘Open’ and a hand gesture towards the roof will allow drivers to open the sunroof without flinching away from their gaze on the road.

Ford Mobii experimental in-car camera technology has not been yet allotted a confirmed date for its arrival. It is in the state of research, development and testing phase, as of yet. However, it is sure that this experimental in-car camera system will be quite beneficial for the drivers. Ford car dealers will look forward to receiving these models sometime in the near future to hoist the sales of Ford models.

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