Faster Wireless Connections With Audi A3

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At a time when it seems that life is crippled without the internet connection, world renowned car manufacturers, Audi AG has taken it a step further. Audi cars are known to be pretty up to date and sometimes set the benchmark for in-car software. Going by the standards, it has decided that the new Audi A3 will be supported with a Wireless internet connection service. The Audi A3 Wi-Fi service will be provided using the 4G LTE wireless chipset, which runs on the second generation multimode chipset, a product of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. Audi car dealers will surely be waiting to get these models in their showrooms that would definitely be a boost to the sales of Audi cars. Audi A3 price will show a slight variation once this model is up for sale. Wireless connection in Audi A3 means you can carry out a string of all your internet activities while you are on the go, thus saving time in an effortless manner.

Faster wireless connections with audi a3
Faster wireless connections with audi a3

The peak data rates are approaching the 100 megabits a second mark and riding on this, the Audi Connect services are likely to transform the experience of the users. They will now be able to enjoy in-car WI-Fi hotspot services, internet radio and all such web services. Apart from these, an enhanced navigation system will allow them to drive to unknown locations at the utmost ease. Visual imagery will be streamed from the satellite images, thus giving users a customised experience to the place they are riding to.

Apart from this wireless connection in Audi A3, it was recently declared at a press conference that Audi cars will sport Apple CarPlay at some point of time in the near future. Even the Google equivalent, more popularly known as Google Projected Mode will be incorporated in the Audi A3 and other models in the near future. However, these services will not be available in the early A3s as the hardware has to e customised to make way for the upgraded software. Surely, the later models will feature these services just to make driving a better experience for buyers.

The Audi A3 Wi-Fi service shows that not everything has been achieved when it comes to in-car software provisions. A lot can be still done and the R&D teams of leading car manufacturers have to buck up to compete against Audi of they want to get a hold in the automobile industry. Once the Audi A3 Wi-Fi service becomes a success story, the manufacturer would definitely look to take it a step beyond.

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