Carbon Fibre - Corvette Stingray

September 19, 2014 16:30 IST by in Automobile Technology.

General Motors recently launched its seventh generation Chevrolet Corvette stingray in the month of January at the well acclaimed North American International Auto Show. The management of GM is very confident about the all new corvette stingray car which is said to be the better and more advanced than previous models. Extra attention was paid at the time of manufacturing the corvette stingray car in order to upgrade every possible part of carbon fibre car. The main reason behind calling it a carbon fibre car is the use of carbon fibre for the very first time in any entry level car. The carbon fibre car can be best remembered for using various light weighted materials.

Carbon fibre - corvette stingray
Carbon fibre - corvette stingray

Some of the best examples of light weighted materials are carbon fibre in the roof panels, SMC (sheet moulding compound) of lighter density in fenders, rear quarter panels, doors, rear hatch panel and carbon nano composites for underbody panels. Stingray cars are known for sleek and slim design, but the company has added higher performance tools in new Stingray cars in order to make them incomparable.

The new Stingray cars have been launched with aluminum frame structure, which make them 45kg lighter and 57% stiffer than the current steel frame. The main focus of GM while designing the new model has been on interior, exterior and lightweight. The interior of the car features aluminum and carbon fibre. Seats of new Stingray have been designed based on the light weight magnesium frame.

The management of General Motors stated in a report that the main reason behind introducing carbon fibre in the roof and hood was nothing but company's intention to take the weight off the high panels and front in order to drive the centre of gravity down. If compared with the previous models, the new Stingray is the most powerful model ever launched by the company. The estimated torque of this car is 610 Nm while power is 335 KW. You can easily drive the car from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. It is expected to be the most cost efficient and fuel efficient Corvette car.

If everything goes fine, then this car may bring a revolution among the industry of new cars in India. It's design, cost, and top notched performance is good enough to give a tough competition to newly launched car models. So what are you planning to do next? Don't you want to ride this amazing car? If yes, then find out good stingray car dealers in your city and book your favorite Stingray as soon as possible.

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