A Super Car That Runs On Salt Water In Europe

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There seem to be a good news for the people worried about the increasing fuel prices and the global warming caused by the pollution done by the cars. A super car that runs on salt water, the QUANT e-Sport limousine, has been given permission to legally run on German roads. It has become the first salt water car in Europe with overt dominion on all European roads.

A super car that runs on salt water in europe
A super car that runs on salt water in europe

In the language of the layman, you can state that it is powered by fuel cell with salt water electrolyte. In 1976, it was NASA that created and patented the redox type flow battery. However, this is 2014 and the modern saltwater technology uses a nano-flow-cell. Lithium and sulphur are arranged in a network of nano particles. This allows the movement of charge throughout the liquid. This is its advantage over simple fuel cells in which charge transfer is limited only to particles in direct contact with a plate. This process allows more effective utilization of electrolyte energy using saltwater technology.

The electric energy obtained is stored in large capacitors. This energy obtained from saltwater technology is used to run four motors of power 227 hp and torque 2138 lb-ft. So the total power of four motors amounts to 908 hp and 8552 lb-ft. The car makers however have provided some ceilings upon your road rashness. A power ceiling of 644 hp. Don’t be crestfallen, even this much power is enough to make your super car that runs on salt water race from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds and top speed of 217 mph (350km/h) making it as fast as the legendary McLaren P1.

But the laurels to be conferred upon it are not over yet. Only two 200 litre tanks are salt water enough to drive 600km. You would try to calculate the mileage but don’t forget this is a salt water powered car. So no petrol or diesel therefore mileage is out of question.

This super car may be priced at around $1.7 million which makes another luxury electric cars look like a bargain. Its closest competitor is Tesla’s Model S, another luxury electric sports car, which is priced between the price range of $70,000 to $95,000.

Our super car that runs on salt water is excellent not only in technology but also has elegant looks. The four seater car is 5.25 metres long and 2.2 metres wide with gulling windows. So get set and fly on this seagull. Indeed the feather of this sea gull is a feather on a hat for automobile technology in cars.

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