Types of Car Mats for various car makers

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Every car owner cares about his vehicle, be it the exterior's condition or the interior features. The dynamic looks of an automobile is equally supported and enhanced by the plush interior settings. A variety of products are available in the domestic auto market that provide a rich look to the car, ranging from modish looking entertainment units to the fine quality leather upholstery. There are also few features, which are added to protect the vehicle from any harm and keep it clean and tidy. Among these are the car floor mats, which are beneficial in keeping the interiors uncluttered. A variety of auto accessories shops deal in car mats, which can be purchased within a moderate price range. The basic types of these carpets are as follows:

Types of car mats for various car makers
Types of car mats for various car makers
  1. Rubber Mats: The mats are available as per the model and make of the car and are quite durable in daily usage. They come handy during the rainy season and prevent the debris from touching the floor and also are water-resistant. Their cleaning procedure is also easy as any tidy cloth can be used to wipe the dust accumulated on them.
  2. Fabric Carpets: Such type of mats usually arrive with the cars in India and are placed above the metal floor. However, most of the car makers also provide additional mats to cover the stocked carpets; thus providing a double layer to resist dirt and water. These mats are generally well suited for dry seasons and are available in a variety of colour and prints.
  1. Clear Vinyl Mats: These mats are specially designed to prevent the car from the harms of the rainy season. They are transparent and are placed above the stocked carpets, which come with the car. They do not wear out fast and in the long run, help in keeping the metal floor dry.
  1. Universal Absorbing Mats: Such mats are fabricated using a special type of synthetic material, which is further covered with a sheet of cloth. The fibre helps in soaking all the moisture from the passenger’s shoes and the synthetic material forms an impermeable layer; thus preventing rust on the metal floor.

People can buy car mats from the auto accessories outlets as per the needs and budget. There are also several portals, which deal in the selling of these carpets. Furthermore, few of the car boutique shops also offer exclusive services to the customers by providing them with the bespoke mats, which can be ordered as per the requirements of the user. Be it a Honda car or a Hyundai automobile, these carpets are available in various colours and shapes. Depending upon the manufacturers and the type of materials used in the making, these mats can go from a price tag of Rs. 600 to Rs. 5000. They are of essential use during the rainy season specially when the mud and debris are left along with the footprints on the car's floor. As they do not need extensive care and are easy to clean, these carpets are an additional accessory, which every car owner should buy.

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