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There are several auto care products pertaining to the maintenance of external appearance of a car. The exterior car care products constitute mainly for washing, polishing, paint protection etc. The first and the most important step in exterior car care is washing. Washing must always be done keeping two things in mind. First, all physical and chemical dirt is properly removed. Second, the washing must not damage wax coating and paint finishing of the car.

Exterior car care kit
Exterior car care kit

The various exterior car care products used during washing are wash buckets, detailing brush, microfiber towels, car-shampoos and wash mitts. One other product comparatively newer in the car washing trade is the Detailing Clay. 

Detailing clay easily removes several contaminants like insects, tar, soot, the oxidation product and surface rust from the car surface.

There are also some exterior car care products which ensure paint protection. They not only protect your car paint from sun, contamination and oxidation, but also enhance the appearance of your car. Carnauba wax, the hardest natural wax which is resistant to ultraviolet rays and water, is the most conventional car wax. It has been well known for ages for its shine, slickness and paint protection.

The artificial modern polymer or acrylic resin based synthetic waxes and paint sealants are more durable than natural wax. These may last for eight to nine months or even longer. Some other market specific waxes are Pinnacle Waxes, Klasse, Meguiars, Mother waxes and so on. Another factor in external care is polishing of wheels and metal rim. Polished chrome, aluminium or steel with auto care products like metal polishes by Wenol, Flitz and P21S create an eye-dazzling gleam. These auto care products stand as quintessential parts for the automobiles.

Many companies supply car care products in India. Not just the well known international companies, but many local companies are active in this field. However still car care products in India and its related industry are in a primitive state and require a lot of development to match world standards. The most preferred car accessories in India include interior car accessories like mats, air ionizers, anti slip mats, car mattresses, perfume holders and idols etc, or external car accessories like shades, wipers, car body covers, mirrors, antennas, car lightings and door and bumper guards.

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