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Blind spot mirrors - eexterior accessories
Blind spot mirrors - eexterior accessories

Being caught unaware from sides can be potential fatal situation, especially when you are driving at high speeds. For people unaware of the term Blind Spot – It is an area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver while he is at the controls. Blind Spot Mirrors are a vital component in car accessories in India list. Driving around traffic zones has never been easy, it gets worst when you are caught unaware by vehicles trying to overtake you. Except for mode of transport like Bicycles, Horses or Motorcycles, every other form is prone to be affected with blind spots. Climatic conditions are also said to play a small role in affecting the visibility. Other car accessories in India that retail well in the market are side cowls, front fenders and rear spoilers.  

Certain after-market car exterior accessories like the Blind Spot Mirrors are available based on car specifications, and can be attached on your existing side view mirrors to get a better visibility. These mirrors have been designed to cover a wider area and are fully adjustable to suit your vehicle type. These after-market accessories are available for anything between Rs. 100 – Rs. 500. This accessory allows you to keep a check on vehicles following you without having to turn your head every time you decide to switch lanes.

For people who do not wish to incur additional cost of purchasing Blind Spot Mirrors, you can make-do with your existing company fitted mirrors by following these steps in a right hand driven vehicle:

  1. Lean your head over until it almost touches the driver's window, and then position the side mirror on the car's right side so you can just see the rear quarter-panel (the rear end of the car) in the mirror.
  2. Lean your head to the left to align it with the center of the car, for example, just between the 2 front seats, at your normal height. From there, position the left side mirror so you can just see the rear quarter-panel of the passenger side in the mirror.
  3. Adjust the center rear view mirror to place it facing the center of the rear window.
  4. While driving note that a car passing you begins in the center of your rear view mirror. As it approaches you, it moves to the side of your center rear view mirror, and at the same time appears in your side mirror. This shows you that there is no rear blind spot, because there is an overlap between the mirrors.
  5. Also note that your side mirrors now capture a tremendous additional amount of information about what is in the lanes right next to your car. Previously you were required to turn your head sideways to ensure nothing was in the lanes beside your car before changing lanes. Now, your side mirrors do a much better job of covering this blind spot on the sides.

Remember one thing, your life is precious and there is someone waiting for you back home. So ensure your use adequate measures handy before you start driving to work or decide to go out on a troll. We suggest you get a pair of Blind Spot mirrors for your car via stores for car accessories in India, if you are amongst the lot who does not like turning their necks often before switching lanes. Happy and safe Driving, especially since you splurge enormous amounts on car prices!

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