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      How To Safely Stop Your Car When Brakes Fail?

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      If you want to buy one of the best mileage cars, then there are many ways that you can use. For example, you can take help of your friends or relatives who may own good mileage cars. But don't be blindfolded while opting for any such mileage cars' deals, because lack of awareness can cost you a lot of things. It's not necessary that only first-hand cars can provide you a good mileage if you pay a little attention then even a used car can be a good deal for you.

      How to safely stop your car when brakes fail
      How to safely stop your car when brakes fail

      One of the biggest risks in buying a used car is the quality of its components and background of its owner. It may have indulged in any accident by its previous owners, so you should be quite attentive at the time of buying a used car. There can be a few faults in the second-hand cars; one such type of loophole is breaks. Fault in breaks can cause you a lot of troubles; hence you should know how to safely stop your car when brakes fail. If you get in touch with any good car expert, then you can easily learn quite a few techniques which can make you learn various steps of how to safely stop your car when brakes fail.

      Don't always fall for cheap car prices, because it can be a trap for you. Whenever you shop for a car, try to drive it in a proper way. Maintain a consistent yet decent pace which is not too much not too less. By chance when you are driving alone, and your car's breaks fail, then you should not lose your cool. Try to be normal and search out for an alternative option. Experts have not defined any particular way of how to safely stop your car when brakes fail, but still you can try quite a few informal techniques in such troublesome situation.

      In any such situation, don't try to mess things up. Press your car's horn or lights regularly so that people can come to know about your situation. Stopping car without brakes is no big deal for those people who have got extraordinary skills, but it can be a difficult situation for those who are beginners. As a preliminary step, you can take your foot off the gas pedal.

      This kind of situation occurs normally when you buy your vehicle in cheap car prices, because, in high-end cars, there are quite a few automatic switches given which can help you in stopping car without brakes. But even in normal cars, you can try few tricks that can help you in getting out of the trouble. If you find that breaks of your car are not working, then you switch into initial gear mode so that your car can slow down. Then start applying hand breaks until the car stops or slows down. If you find open ground by the side of the road, then try to turn your car in that ground, it may slow down your car. After stopping car without brakes, tie a white cloth on your car antenna or ask for help from cops or anyone nearby. But please make sure that you don't stand next to the car, stay away from it unless you find any expert's assistance.