How To Reduce Car Made Pollution?

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Maintaining a car new as ever is among the most strenuous tasks for any automobile owner. Right from the mechanical parts to the engine and the overall performance, there are several factors, which need to be duly considered to keep a car healthy. A common problem occurring in old and used vehicles is of heavy emissions, which result in the form of black fumes from the exhaust. Vehicle pollution is a common type of issue faced by every owner and generally arises when the engine parts haven't been checked or replaced over a long period of time. This problem ultimately leads to reduced efficiency and mileage of the car, resulting in an unpleasant driveability. There are several Do It Yourself (DIY) and mechanical tips to reduce car pollution and keep the environment healthy.

Car made pollution
Car made pollution
  1. Always keep a check on all the liquid levels of the car, such as brake oil, engine oil and other lubricants. If the level is reduced to a great extent, then the inside of the engine might face abrasion and gradually lower the overall performance of the car. It will also cause vehicle pollution and a reduced fuel economy statistic.

  1. Get the car serviced on regular intervals from an authorised dealership or the nearest repairing shop. Keeping a constant check on all the parts of the car can reduce driving emissions to a certain level.

  1. Do not over-clog the inside of the car with excessive luggage but do keep the ones, which are necessary. The car takes a considerable amount of load when being driven with full luggage and passenger capacity; thus, resulting in vehicle pollution. This load should be minimised as much as possible so as to maintain the goodness of the car for long.

  1. To reduce car pollution, people can always utilise the technique of driving safely and patiently. Being rash on the road can be risky for the car as well as other vehicles plying on the road. It is always advised of smoothly operate all the gears and pedals of the car so as to reduce driving emissions and keep the vehicle in good condition.

  1. Used cars in India tend to be the most common source of causing pollution as these models have worn out mechanical parts. It is recommended to pay special attention to these old models and get them repaired as quickly as possible. Doing this will not only reduce driving emission but will also increase the life-cycle of the car.

  1. Prospective buyers consider mileage of cars in India as their primary objective while purchasing a model. The higher the fuel economy, the better will be its sales in the domestic auto market. But this mileage figure does not remain constant throughout and needs to be maintained to higher numbers. Checking the tyre pressure, preventing engine idling, sensible driving and proper maintenance are a few factors, which can ensure impressive mileage numbers. Also, these factors equally contribute to reduce car pollution and make the vehicle more eco-friendly.

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