How To Outsmart A Car Salesman?

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Planning of buying a new car always brings excitement in the minds of any prospective buyer. One attempts to purchase the best car available in the domestic market that is most suitable for his/her budget and requirements. Car dealers of various auto makers have their showrooms all across India and they provide flexible deals to this customers. However, if people are tending to buy cars, there are certain tips and tricks they can keep in mind to outsmart the dealers and avail the best deal from them. To apply such tricks and methods, one needs to have an austere attitude and shouldn't move blindly towards the lucrative offers provided by the car dealers. The following methods can prove beneficial for a person in case of buying a new car:

Car salesman
Car salesman
  • Doing the homework: It is always advised that people shouldn't be in any hurry to buy cars and first examine their requirements. The internet is inundated with websites, which offer an unbiased analogy of automobile in various segments. One can search these portals as well as enquire through local dealers and mechanical shops as to which car would be ideal for them. After deciding on the type of deal a person wants to get, he should prepare himself to visit the nearest dealership and examine the chosen models.

  • Taking a test drive: Almost every dealership across India offers a free test drive for each car model. The same is a must to be done by all the concerned buyers as they finally come to know the driving experience of their specific model. If one finds the car comfortable and value-for-money then he/she should not directly jump on to the final talks. People are advised to take their time to examine each and every aspect of the car. Only after getting fully satisfied over the model, a person should engage in a conversation with the car dealers or the salesman.

  • Taking the advice of a professional: If a person is planning to buy used cars or new models, they can always ask their local mechanic to accompany the, to the dealerships. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge about every perspective of the car and can greatly help in making the decision process much easy.

  • Opting for the correct auto loan if needed: In case a person buying a new car wants to finance the model, then he/she can either do it through the dealerships itself or the other major financial firms. However, it has been noted that the dealers are not the direct party, which provides the loan requirements but they act like agents. They have tie-ups with the auto maker and other corporate authorities, and might also keep the rate of interest high to keep the profit margin wider. Therefore, it is usually recommended to get the car financed outside the showroom as doing such might also allow the buyer to avail more exciting offers on the car.

  • Negotiating is the main key: One should always try his/her best to negotiate as much as it could be done on the concerned car model. People might buy cars on a different offer and later on, may come to know that they could have got a more feasible deal. Thus, negotiating should be done to the last extent till the time the used car dealers or new dealerships agree to offer the scheme laid out by an individual.

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