Guide On Driving On Narrow Roads

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It is always a pleasure to drive on highways with wind in your air and it as difficult to drive on narrow roads with extreme congestion, unexpected bends and increasing population. If you are wondering how to drive on narrow roads, you can look at the different car driving guide to get knowledge about it. Car driving tips in India give you an understanding of all the rules and ways you should follow in order to drive safely on narrow roads. The following are some of such safety driving tips you should definitely follow while driving on a narrow road.

Guide on driving on narrow roads
Guide on driving on narrow roads

Keep a check on your car condition: When you are out driving on narrow roads, be extremely particular about your car condition. Make sure that your brakes, tyres and horn are working properly. If your tyres get punctured on the way, it is generally difficult to get it fixed. Moreover, if your brakes are not working properly, the drive can become even more painful as the car will have a tendency to skid.

Stay alert: It is extremely important that you be in the tip of your conscience. Chances of accidents are more on narrow roads as there is a steady flow of traffic as well as pedestrians trying to cross the road. Never drive while you are under the influence of alcohol and especially not on narrow roads.

Use of brakes: You should have a practise of sudden braking as it becomes handy while driving on narrow roads especially on U-turns and bends where it becomes even more difficult to see ahead and for this you need to be alert constantly.

Use of horns: Do not over use your horn but do use them as and when necessary especially at turns and bends.

Use of rear and side view mirrors: Keep a constant watch on your mirrors so as to understand and gauge the area that you have to move freely and to avoid any sort of accidents and mishaps.

Speed: Keep a check on your speed and do not accelerate on narrow roads as it becomes difficult to control on such pathways. Moreover, keep a special care when driving in different climatic and seasonal conditions. During the rainy season or when it is snowing it is all the more important keep a check on your speed.  

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