Extended Car Warranties - Yes OR No?

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The first question that might come up to the minds of car owners is what exactly is an extended car warranty? Extended car warranties are coverage for repair that is implemented after the typical manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Depending on how you use it, the extended warranty for cars can be beneficial to you. Car extended warranty might as well cover most of the aspects of car breakdown like cost of repairs, price of spare parts and so on and so forth. However, there are a few questions that need to be asked before saying yes to extended car warranties. There are several car guide on car warranty available on the internet and you should consider few of these before going for a final decision. Car owners can either extend their warranties before or after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Extended car warranties - yes or no
Extended car warranties - yes or no

The first question that needs to be answered before saying yes to an extension is whether or not you plan to keep the car for a long time. If you are having any plans of exchanging your old car with a newer model sometime in the near future, there is not much of a point going for extended car warranties. There might be a situation where you might get a chance to sell your old car and get a new model even before the manufacturer’s warranty is over. In such a scenario, purchasing car extended warranty can be absolutely of no use.

Once you are done with deciding whether or not you are keeping the car for a longer period, another vital question that should pop up is who is behind the warranty. Many times, there is a third party who is giving out the extended warranty for cars. Sometimes, there might also be a situation where the third party is backed by the car manufacturer. At other occasions, the manufacturer itself extends the warranty at an extra cost. So, it is absolutely necessary to find out who is giving the car extended warranty.

The most vital aspect to know before giving a confirmation is to know the things covered by the extended warranty for cars. Sometimes, only a number of things are covered by the extension; at other times, all the vital aspects are covered. It is better to know what all is covered before saying a final yes. Once all this is sorted out, it is good enough to say a yes to extension of car warranties.

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