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        Driving Tips In Foreign Countries

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Driving instructions and tips within India are almost known to all of us. But while traveling outside the country, we should be aware of car driving tips and instructions that we must follow in a particular region. Many countries have very stringent rules, hence here are a few tips for safe driving. This will give an idea about how to drive a car in a foreign country.

        Driving tips in foreign countries
        Driving tips in foreign countries
        • It is illegal to drive without a driver’s license in almost all countries. Also, not all countries recognize home country’s license. Check with the local embassy to find out the particulars needed to obtain a driving license in that specific region.

        • Try to obtain a copy of the country’s car driving tips and safety rules that are followed. You can obtain this from any car rental shop there.

        • In case the drivers in the country drive through the opposite side, ensure that you practice the same. Use less crowded areas to practice and avoid heavy traffic areas.

        • Common road sense is important while traveling. Tips for safe driving include the need to stay within the speed limit. Each country and road may have individual limits. Check for signs during the drive and follow them.

        • Drinking and driving is prohibited in most of the countries. It is a primal offense in several countries that may lead you to jail as well. Even if not a rule, it is always safe not to drive when drunk.

        • Drive defensively. There might be people skipping signals or having their driving rules. Be careful not to cause any issues.

        • Using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited in almost all the regions.

        • Most countries have cameras installed on every signal. Each time one fails to abide by the rules, it becomes easy for the authorities to track you down. Therefore, be careful and remember that you are under surveillance.

        The best way to know how to drive a car in a foreign country is by observing and abiding the rules the country poses. Not all countries are lenient about traffic violations. Common road safety measures need to be known by every driver.